Top Best Nigerian Advertising Networks That Pay Bloggers

The year 2013 witnessed a lot of Advertising Networks springing up that contended the very likes of Bigger advertising networks like Google and Yahoo in Nigeria. Today, I would be reviewing this networks that are paying bloggers.


Addynamo is one of the most widely spread Advertising Network in Africa that has been around for a while, if you have a relative good traffic, I think you should try this out.


First called and later changed to, they started last year and has since gain a huge reputation over time. They also recent launched a new network (


This company promotes mainly music and entertainment contents, also they are worth a good try as they are paying even for those that have smaller traffic.


This company started well but have seem to lost out in the business due to lack of advertisers I presumed.
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  1. Well done.

    I've tried quite some few on but they don't seem to have the cutting edge like Adsense.

    Any alternative to my Blogging solutions blog?

  2. Are these networks owned by nigerians? you need to do your research bro

    is one of those

    there are few others, promote our country my friend.

  3. you can try this out

  4. is the best and biggest adnetwork in nigeria.
    Type no 1 online advertising agency in nigeria on google search and you will see the result, or check the link below

  5. Thanks for sharing this adnetworks.. I will apply some of it to my Phone Reviews Blog and School Admission Update Blog to earn my self some cash.

  6. I blv nairapp is a scam, i've been working with them since april of last year, i've reached my threshold, yet they couldnt pay me. they just removed my money without crediting me. #i rep

  7. nice write ups i will apply for some of the adnetwork metioned above
    get latest news and entertainment news at

  8. Thanks for the compilation...

    Also get Jamb 2017 Updates at

  9. Thats cool.
    Still remains the Best Naija Blog..check for urself...and proud of it!!.

  10. Thanks for sharing,Great work you are doing here,I Will check them out and use for my news website Latest headline News at your Fingertips
    Keep on educating us. God bless you.

  11. Just visit, you won't regret it


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