Diary of a Uniben Runs Girl Part One

Going to the university was fun for me, with a fresh air, my dream was fulfilled, my long waited desire has been fulfilled. Even the stress of school clearance and registration could not make me weak, the joy was just something I couldn't contain. Remembering my first lecture, I could not just catch a grasp when I saw her coming to the 500LT lecture hall with a spark on her face and waist. She is not an easy prey, she is the predator and she knows her worth.

When I taught luck has ran out for me because I couldn't approach her, she just walk to me and ask if she can seat close to me in already crowded hall. I offer her the seat and my heart was raising through the roof already. I could no longer concentrate on the lecture, with a shaky voice, I ask her; what is your name. She instantly replied Faith with a smile on her face. Oh the face is something I cannot forget, so beautiful, I taught to myself, can I date this angel, can I take care of her, I came from an humble background like Goodluck, I have no car like Jonathan and no way to treat her like Agbani, but I remembered the saying cowards die a thousand times before their death.  While I was thinking, I brought out an MP3 player which she found interesting and ask me I can help her with it for just a day! To me you have it forever if you can just follow me go. Again she said yes and that was it, she escorted home and even enter my one room accommodation, no carpet, no TV, a reverend father bed and she smiled. Is this where you live? She asked, I said yes and she kept quiet. At first I taught it was what Gordons means when a woman is quiet:

"When a gurl suddenly starts keeping quiet, bros, clear road..... she wan mess"

But actually I was wrong, that day I got her number and hostel number and the chase for the love of my life started. Same day, I called her on phone if we could hook up and she agreed immediately pointing to me that it must be no other place but Malt Ice, there is a rumor in Benin City that any Girl taken to that place would always agree to be with you. But Na Money come be Wahala!.....
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