Diary of a Nigeria Yahoo Boy Part One

I write this diary to remind people of the things our young youth are doing, not just me. We are all prone to this as Nigeria is getting tougher, our Government complains there is not enough money but they keep looting billions and sending oversee. No job, no money, at the age of 35yrs, what do I do? I finish from Uniben not bad with a first class, Department of Engineering and hail from Edo State, I am a regular guy just like you.

After I finished from the university, for 6yrs, I had no jobs, I applied as a primary school teacher being paid NGN8,500 monthly, not enough for my tee fare left alone feeding, frustration became me. In my frustration, I left the job and decided to work  in a cafe. While working in the cafe, I gained lots of experience of using the internet but that actually was the beginning of my glory or do I see doom.

In the cafe, I meant Oyeanka, a big time yahoo boy whom owns many cars and spends cash as though he never lacks. I approach him and he laughed, with a smile he said, do you want to make money. I said yes, he later asked me to join him on a trip to Lagos later that year so we could work together. I was happy as favor has found me, finally, I have a job and this time, the job that would make me millions of cash and all my problems of money would be gone forever. I traveled with him to Lagos so we could work together, when I got there, he gave me a Laptop, Modem and he taught me how to extract mails and how to send them to lots of people abroad, I asked; what for, he reply; just keep working. So I started harvesting email ready to move to the next phase.

After I finished with the mails, he called me to a meeting, in the meeting, he said I would act as one captain or a sailor, and that I would start using Skype Messenger to trick white women into believing I am a sailor and that they would pay handsomely for the bait. I accepted and started the work, my first encounter was with Linda whom fell in love with me the first time we talked on Skype, but she did not really know me as the Skype camera I use was faked, after months, I asked her for payment but she refused, I told her our ship got wrecked close to Nigeria and I needed money to get back to the US and would pay her back. After so many failed attempts, I approach my boss who then told me the real secret.

He said I needed to clean setbacks from my life by going to see a goddess in Lagos, Madam Virginia, a fair woman with long hair. When I met Virginia, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, she is a goddess to behold, my friend introduced me to her and she called me to discuss with her in her room. In the room, she told me all I needed to make money was to enter into a blood oath by us sharing blood in a calabash, she said we needed to do that so she would feel protected and that after that, I must be ready to sleep with her when the time demand and that was all. With goose pimple all over my body, I could not alter a word, I told her I would think about it, her aura was all over me, she then kiss me, as soon as she did that, I fainted and woke up in my friends place. 10 minutes later from that time I got a phone call from a friend in South Africa telling me about his success, time in SA and promise to send $500 which he later sent.

Linda from US called me again after so many months asking if I still needed the money I asked her which she later paid $12, 000 into my account and she professed love to me, promise to buy me property in Abuja and Lekki. I was astound, I knew for sure how those money came but I never gave my consent, I could not spend the money. The only thing on my mind was what is going on in my life. While all those was going down, Virginia asked for me which I dash to go asked her if she was involved in it. She told me if I had met success, I said yes but how, she said it because of the kiss and that once I go into her, I would find even greater treasure and poverty for me would be a thing of the past.

Instantly I told her I would not need that kind of wealth, she became furious and said their is no turning back seen I have known her dwelling place, that the only way out was for me to sleep with her or the worse would happen to me. She said after that I am free to think or do what ever pleases me. I asked if there is no other way for her to forgive me, she later agreed for me to refund all the money I received after her kissing me. With a smile, I refunded all the cash and my life was back to order, my friend drove me out of his place, with frustration I hit the road heading for my home. But I ran into another yahoo boy, this time, a Ghana Burger... I am going to write Part 2.
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